Herbology Slumber Bites 1:4 20pk 50mg


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Experience the major benefits of microdosing and fall back in love with falling asleep. With a 1:4 ratio of THC to CBN and a unique blend of terpenes, deeper sleep is just a juicy cherry bite away. 2.5mgTHC:10mgCBN per bite | 50mgTHC:200mgCBN per package.


Relaxing Terpenes

More CBN per bite

Featured Minor Cannabinoid: CBN (Cannabinol)

When THC ages it naturally turns into CBN (cannabinol). Think of it as the fine aged wine of cannabinoids. Cheers to more shut-eye.

Known for its sedative qualities, CBN is most often associated with rest and nighttime products.


THC Content




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